The standard playbook is full of holes.

Restaurant operators are flying blind. With limited time and thin margins, the lack of transparency only complicates matters more. Look no further than the following decision-making process to see how broken things have become.

Are my sales up or down?

Easily answered with WhatsBusy or other tools.

What about versus the market?

Unknowable without extensive market data. Fortunately, we provide an actionable benchmark.

How can I make more money?

A black hole of frustration unless you use data science for prescriptive recommendations, which we do.

Before doing something, you might want to know if you should do anything.

Leveraging POS data from 100,000 restaurants and credit & debit card transactions from every merchant that accepts cards globally (yes, really), WhatsBusy gives you the needed context to make better decisions.

Oh, and we prescribe those decisions for you.

Know Your Competition

We automatically reveal your competition at the store-level based upon your customers' spending. Want to change it up? Build your own competitive set.

How do I make more money?

WhatsBusy uses data science to constantly audit your data, notifying you of opportunities to make more money with plain English recommendations. Each recommendation comes with the expected financial gain, so you know what it’s worth before you do it. WhatsBusy then analyzes the results of the recommendations, proving its ROI.

Traditional Process

Data Science and Prescription

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